SIM Mundo: International calls

Frequently asked questions

We have several options for you to choose what is most comfortable for you.

  • Through WhatsApp

Our virtual assistant saves you time by carrying out simple tasks for you

What do you need to do?

  • Save our number in your contacts: 653 85 00 85.
  • For your security, you must contact us from your Mundo prepaid number.
  • On your first visit, we will show you the terms and conditions of use of our service.
  • Let's go! You can ask us whatever you want.

Ask your question directly and simply. For example, if you want to know the balance of your prepaid number, just type View my balance.

Send message via Whatsapp

  • Customer area

Here you can see:

  1. The balance you have available
  2. The data you have consumed and what you have left.
  3. The data you have rolled over from the previous month.
  4. The call minutes you have used.
  5. If you have any promotional balance, acquired in your top-ups through Recarga y Gana.
  • By dialling *111#
  1. Go to calls on your phone, dial *111# and tap the green call button.
  2. The balance will automatically appear on your phone screen.

  3. And if you want more information, press 1 and get information on your available data and minutes.

*REMEMBER: The first 5 views of the month are free, after that they cost 25 cents

  • By calling 1470

A recording will let you know your available balance. You can call as many times as you like.

The promotional balance is an extra balance that you can get when you top up, or through specific promotions that we will tell you about.

You can use it to:

  • Make national calls
  • Send national SMS
  • Pay your phone plan

Bear in mind that the promotional balance:

  • Expires 30 calendar days after top up. 
  • You need to have added your own balance in order to use it.
  • Cannot be used for international calls or SMS, roaming or premium rate numbers.

The promotional balance is used before your paid balance and is non-transferable. You can view it through any of the methods we explained above.

Provided you have less than €3, you can request an advance as follows:

  • Dial *111# and choose option 2 portal, follow the steps and you will get your advance instantly.
  • Call 1470 and say the word "Anticipo" and follow the instructions.

When your balance is less than €3, you may receive an SMS from us offering you an advance on your balance. If you are interested, just reply to the SMS with the chosen proposal.

You can request a balance advance provided: 

  • You have been a customer for at least 3 months.
  • You have a balance of less than €3.
  • You have no advances pending payment.
  • 90 days have not passed since your last top-up.
  • The service has a cost, which varies depending on the advance chosen.

This service has a cost, which varies depending on the advance chosen.

Repaying your balance advance is simple. When you accept the advance, you will get an SMS with the advance amount + the cost of the service, for your information, and when you make your next top-up, the full amount will be deducted (advance + cost of the service).

And also...

  • You can use the balance advance to pay for the phone plan.
  • You cannot request an advance on your balance if you have previous advances pending payment.
  • You can only request an advance if you are in Spain.
  • Only prepaid customers can receive funds.
  • You can send balance from a prepaid number or from a contract number.
  • The amount transferred must be whole numbers between €2 and €10.
  • Maximum transfer amount: €20/month for prepaid customers and €40 for contract customers.
  • Maximum amount received up to €80/month.
  • Maximum 3 transfers/day from a single number.
  • In order to make a transfer, you must have topped up in the last 3 months, have no balance advances pending refund, and if you are a contract customer, have no outstanding bills.
  • If you request the transfer of balance from a prepaid number, you will be able to see the transfers from the Top-ups section in the app.
  • If you request the transfer of balance from a contract number, your bill will show the transfers made under the heading "balance transfer."
  • Once the balance transfer has been made, you cannot cancel it.
  • Cost of the service €0.50 including VAT. This amount will be charged to the customer receiving the transfer.

Ways to request or make a balance transfer:

  • Send an SMS:

If you want to transfer your balance to another phone, send an SMS with the words "TRASPASO" plus the amount and the number where you want to make the transfer to 1470.

Example: if you want to send €5 of balance to the number 123456789, you need to write: TRASPASO 5 123456789.

To confirm that the transfer has been carried out correctly, you will receive an SMS with the result of the transfer. If you do not meet any of the requirements, you will also be informed by SMS.

  • You want to receive a transfer:

Send a free SMS with the text: SOLICITO TRASPASO plus mobile phone no. At 1470. Example: if you want to request a balance transfer to the number 123456789, please write: SOLICITO TRASPASO 123456789

  • In the app:
  1. On the main screen of the app, tap the blue icon Balance Management.
  2. On the next screen you will see a menu with different options. To ask another customer number to make a transfer to you, go to "Request transfer." If you prefer, go to "Make a transfer."
  3. Go to your customer area. Select "Top-ups/Transfers" from the top menu, and then tap "Balance transfer" on the screen.
  4. Select from the main section: Top up/Transfer.
  5. And in the lower menu choose Balance Transfer.

When you have a data or data and minutes plan (not payment per use), its benefits (data and minutes) will be automatically renewed every 28 days as long as you have sufficient balance. 

If you run out of data before the automatic renewal, you can reactivate the benefits of your plan by renewing early, i.e., by paying your plan fee. This means that the period starts again and you can continue browsing at maximum speed.

How do I request a reactivation of my data:

You can do so at any time, using the following options:

Using command *111#

• Dial *111# on your keypad and answer 3 if you want to renew your plan early.
• You will be sent information on the conditions of the plan. You will only have to respond 1 and your tariff will be renewed.

Free SMS to 1470

By sending a free SMS to 1470 with the following words:

  • Mundo 5: GB MUNDO5
  • Mundo 10: GB MUNDO10</span>
  • Mundo 15: GB MUNDO15
  • Mundo 20: GB MUNDO20
  • Tu Mundo: GB MUNDO.
  • Tu Mundo Mini: MiniGB MINI
  • Mundo Plus: GBPLUS
  • Mundo Total: GBTOTAL 
  • Mundo Max: GB MAX 
  • Mundo Esencial: GBESENCIAL

How can I find out how much data I have left and when it renews?

You can view the remaining MB and your renewal date by sending a free SMS to 1470 with the word INFO followed by the name of your plan. 

You can also check the minutes of your plans by sending the word MIN followed by the name of your plan to 1470.

Remember that you can also go into the Mi Orange app and select the number you want to get information about. 

The data in your plan will roll over automatically at the end of the 28 days so you can use it for an additional 28 days. 

Rolled over data is always used first before your plan data, so you can make the most of it.

You can view the total data rolled over from your customer area or by dialling *111#.

When can you start rolling over data?

When you make your payment, you will be able to automatically roll over any leftover data for another 4 weeks.

If you have an old plan and change to a plan that rolls over the data, as soon as you make your payment, you can roll over any leftover data for 28 days.

When do you not roll over data?

If you don't pay for your plan on the automatic reactivation date (at the end of the 28 days).

If you switch from a plan that rolls over data to another that also rolls over data, the rolled over data will be lost.

If you reactivate your plan before the end of 28 days, you will lose the rolled over amount.

You can call the following countries:

  • Mobile and landline phones in Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Landlines in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Chile, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovenia, Switzerland and Venezuela.

Moreover, with the Tu Mundo tariff, you have 3000 minutes from Spain to call Orange Romania lines (roaming not included).

And are all operators in each country included in my minutes?

The minutes included in your plan include most of the operators in each country. Click here to find out the excluded prefixes.

See the list of prefixes included with your additional calling plan here 

What requirements do I need to meet to request a prepaid Renove?

  • Not have a renewal underway.
  • Top up €10 (including VAT) or more.

How long do I have after topping up to renew?

All top-ups of €10 or more you make are valid for 30 days to renew.

What happens if my new phone has a different size SIM?

Go to your nearest Orange store and they will duplicate your SIM card for €5. Search for your nearest store.

It is valid for 6 months, from the last top up or use of balance (calls, data, browsing...). After this period, you will be able to receive calls or use data for one more month.

If you don't top up or use the line before these 7 months end, your card will be deactivated and you will lose your number.
Find out the exact validity date of your card: 

On our WhatsApp channel

  • Save our number in your contacts: 653 85 00 85.
  • For your security, you must contact us from the Orange mobile number for which you want to perform the task.
  • On your first visit, we will show you the terms and conditions of use of our service.
  • Let's go! You can ask us whatever you want. If you want to know the date on which your prepaid number expires, you just have to write When does my prepay expire.

Remember: Using our WhatsApp is free!

Customer area

You can see the validity date of your card in your customer area.

Can I recover the balance if my number has expired?

Yes, call us on 1470 within one month of the expiry of your number and we will return it to you; beyond this period, we cannot guarantee that we can confirm the expired balance if the line has been reinstalled and activated again. For more details, see our help section. 

Roaming is the service that allows you to use your mobile phone when you travel abroad. An international call is when you are in Spain and call a landline or mobile phone in another country. 

An international call is when you make a call from Spain to a mobile phone or a landline in France. If you want to know the price of international calls, use the map.

Here is an example to show you the difference:

If you are travelling in France...

Call made from France to Spain: If you call a landline or mobile number in Spain, that call will cost the same as if you were calling from Spain.

Call made from France to another European Union country: If you call any European Union country, for example Germany, this call is considered roaming and, as it is included in your tariff, there will be no cost, provided you have renewed your tariff and minutes available. If you have not renewed or you have no minutes left, you will pay the price per minute based on the plan you have.

Countries included in zone 1 (EEA):

With your Mundo line, you can use the features of your plan in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland (including the Åland Islands), France (including Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, French Guiana, Réunion and Mayotte), Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy and the City of Mayotte Vatican, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal (including Madeira and Azores), Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden.

Calls issued and received in zone 1 will be free, provided they are made by someone who is also in zone 1, as well as the voicemail messages you receive.

Your usage while roaming in the European Union, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway will be deducted from your plan's minutes and data. You will not pay for the calls received or for listening to voicemail messages.

If you use the available data for roaming, the regulated average price will be applied (see your plan for details).

For your Mundo number, roaming and international call services are activated by default.

Remember that: In order to browse abroad, you must have the data roaming service activated on your mobile phone menu.

What if I call a country that is not in zone 1?

In this case, the corresponding tariff will apply according to the destination country, depending on whether it is in zone 2 or zone 3. 

If you are travelling outside zone 1, we recommend that you activate Everywhere, the roaming savings module that lets you stay in touch, even if you travel far away. With Everywhere you only pay on the day you browse, make or receive calls. Activation is free of charge and there is no minimum commitment. 

Do I have to pay for calls I receive in roaming in zone 1?

Calls you receive when you are in zone 1 will have no cost for you, regardless of the country from which the call comes.

Which calls are not included?

· Video calls.

· Calls to premium services and numbers of all types in the country visited, premium Español numbers: premium numbers (906, 806...) and numbers 900, 901, 902 (it is advisable to search for the equivalent local landline number to these 900 numbers, to ensure that the call is at the same price as in Spain). Calls to these numbers (90X) can have high rates if they are made in roaming.

· The roaming service does not include calls made or received through operators that provide maritime, air and satellite services. You can use your phone when you travel on cruise routes. These networks operate exclusively when the ships are out of reach of the terrestrial networks. Maritime coverage calls have an associated cost of €10.31/min including VAT plus a call connection charge of €0.73 including VAT. As soon as land cover is detected due to the ship's proximity to the coast, the maritime service stops.

Is there any limit for using my tariff while roaming in zone 1?

You can use your tariff when travel to any of the countries in zone 1 within the limits of reasonable or non-abusive use according to the new European regulation and, where applicable, according to the limits included in each tariff.

But what is considered abusive use?

There are several types of use that are considered abusive and that carry an additional fee for mobile roaming use in the EEA. Basically, abusive use will be considered if you meet the following condition:

Your consumption and presence in roaming is more than your consumption and national presence in the last four months.

We will never start to apply additional roaming charges without first sending you an SMS notification. This surcharge will never be applied to consumption made before the notification; it will only apply for the use of future roaming data.

When will I be able to reuse my EEA roaming tariff without additional charges?

At the beginning of each month, we will review your roaming usage pattern again to check that it is no longer abusive. We will then send you an SMS to notify you of the end of the extra charges. From that moment on, you can use your tariff again in the EEA at no additional cost.

If roaming consumption remains outside the reasonable use policy, surcharges will continue to apply in the pricing of roaming data in the EEA.

This surcharge only applies to the numbers that engaged in the abusive consumption

Online top-up

  1. Go to our Online Top-Up page
  2. Enter the phone number you want to top up.
  3. Enter the amount you want to top up (minimum €5). 
  4. Choose the payment method:
  •  Credit or debit card
  •   Bizum. NEW!

Your bank may ask you to confirm your payment through your online banking, either through your bank's website or app. +info on payment confirmation via online banking.

The top-up amount must be a multiple of 5: €5, €10, €15, €20...

By calling 1470

When you call 1470 and are asked the reason for your call, say TOP UP, and you will automatically be able to top up the phone from which you are calling:

  1. Indicate the amount of the top-up you want to make.
  2. Provide your card details: number, expiry date and security code (remember that these are the last three digits on the back of the card). 
  3. We will repeat the numbers one by one so you can confirm by dialling 1. If there is an error, you can change them by dialling 2. 

In the app

  • Go to the Recarga y Gana icon.
  • In the option Top up your card.
  • You will have to choose the top-up amount and tap continue. Remember that the minimum top-up is €5.
  • Finally, select your payment method: with a credit card and now also with Bizum (NEW!).

By WhatsApp

Start a conversation with us on WhatsApp and tell us you want to top up. You will be given the link to do it directly from the website.

Other options:

  • ATMs in the 4B Telebanco, Red Caixa Oberta (La Caixa), Red 6000 and Servired networks.
  • Orange Stores. Find your nearest store here.
  • At any department store and specialised shops in Alcampo, Carrefour, FNAC, Casa de las Carcasas and the network of tobacconist's.
  • Up to a maximum of €100 a day.
  • Up to a maximum of €180 a month.
  • Up to 6 daily top-ups for the same credit/debit card.
  • Up to 6 daily top-ups for the same phone number.
  • Up to 6 credit/debit cards for the same phone number.

Your bank may ask you to authorise your payments through your online banking (app or website of your own bank). This measure affects all the bank cards you use to top up.

Dial *101# and press the "call" key to view your phone number.

We know that it is very important that you manage your number, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible. Discover the different channels and procedures here and choose the one that best suits you.

  • WhatsApp
  • *111# portal
  • Customer area
  • Customer service helpline

It's the fastest way to do it!

  • We tell you your balance and we help you to top up your card or request an advance.
  • You can also find out when your line's data renews.
  • Don't know how Recarga y Gana works? We'll explain everything to you.

Send message via Whatsapp

Add this number to your contacts 653 85 00 85 and open a WhatsApp conversation.

To make it even easier, open WhatsApp here and go directly to the access menu to see everything you can view.

Add this number to your contacts 653 85 00 85 and open a WhatsApp conversation.

We can now help you in English, too. Go to the word Prepaid and go to the menu to see everything we can tell you.

The *111# portal is a service that we offer our customers for a quick and convenient way to manage their number.

To access, you just have to dial the *111# and press the call key from your cell phone.

What services does it offer me?

On the Home screen you will see the balance you have at that time, and if your tariff has a data or minutes pass, you will also be able to check how much you have left. It also offers you the following options:

  • Balance and Usage breakdown: It offers you more details, and if you have a promotional balance and when it expires, and if you have additional passes and how many minutes or how much data you have left.
  • Ask for a balance advance
  • Renew Your Tariff: If you have run out of minutes or data and you want to renew your tariff early. Before renewing, we will inform you of the features of your tariff. You will then just have to answer 1, and your benefits will be active again.
  • Call me: You can send a free SMS to the number you choose, telling them to call you because you have run out of balance.

Do I need to have a special mobile phone to use *111#?

No, any mobile phone with a prepaid Mundo card can use it, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

How much does it cost to use *111#?

The first 5 views of the month are free, after that they cost 25 cents each (including VAT).

In addition, enquiries in which you request an advance or renew your tariff will always be free, and will not count towards the 5 free consultations.

As a Mundo customer, you can access your personal customer area either via a website or by downloading our app:

  • Add web access and images to download the application on Android or IOS.

What services does it offer me?

This is the main view you see as soon as you log into the app, so let's see what the main options are.

As soon as you log in, you will be able to see your usage and the data and minutes you have left. Each usage will be in a separate bubble, and will appear in the following order:

  • Rolled over data: If you had leftover data last month, this will be the first bubble you'll see, as you'll use this data first.
  • Tariff data: You will see the data included in your current tariff.
  • Minutes: The minutes you have used and what you have left.
  • SMS: The SMS you have sent.
  • My promotional balance: here you can see the promotional balance you have.
  • Balance: the balance you have available on your card.
  • And if you have additional passes such as el mas gigas, bono latino, bono nacional or bono 500mg, you will see a bubble showing their usage.

If you click on each of the bubbles, you see the details per day.

At the bottom you can go to the main services you can manage.

Go to purchase if you want:

  • Change tariff.
  • Purchase additional products: amigos gratis, bono nacional, bono latino, bono más gigas.

Go to My number:

In the My number you will find information on the data and minutes of your tariff, information on the next renewal date and how long your prepaid card is valid for. You will also be able to:

  • Set up your number with the services such as: Call notification, Voicemail, Data usage control from abroad, Internet data.
  • You can block and unlock your number: If you lose your phone, you can access this option and block the service until you get a duplicate sim. When you have the duplicate, log in again to unblock the number and use the service again.
  • Your PUK code.

Go Recarga y Gana to:

  • Top up your card.
  • Discover your Recarga y Gana prize.
  • See any prize you have won.

In Balance management you will be able to:

  • Request or make a balance transfer.
  • Top-up history.
  • Balance transfer history.

If you'd rather talk, contact us.

Customer service:  

  • You can call 1470 free of charge from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm. If you are calling from abroad or outside the those hours, you can call us on +34 656 001 470, which will be charged depending on the country of origin operator

Language assistant:

  • If you need to contact us and feel more comfortable speaking in another language, we will be happy to help you in English, French, German and Chinese.
  • Call us on 900 906 121 free of charge from your line or on+ 34 656 911 900 if you are abroad, charged according to the country of origin operator
  • Monday to Saturday from 9: am to 10 pm
    • English: Option 1
    • French: Option 2
    • German: Option 3
  • Monday to Friday from 9 am to 10 pm
    • Chinese: Option 8
  • How do I set up the APN for a Mundo SIM? 

Its technical name is APN, which stands for "Access Point Name." This is the profile that we need to set up on our mobile phone or tablet if we want to enjoy the data pass of our mobile tariff with our SIM Mundo card. 

For mobile phones purchased through Mundo, or unlocked phones acquired in Spain, nothing needs to be configured, just enter the SIM card and the device will be self-configured when connected to the Orange mobile network. 

Remember that if you have purchased your mobile phone abroad, the device may not have been approved for use on mobile networks in Spain, and it cannot be guaranteed that the mobile internet profile will work, even if it has been configured correctly on paper. 

The general parameters of the APN for an Orange SIM are: 

Name: Orange Internet Mobile 

APN: orangeworld 

Username: orange 

Password: orange 

MCC: 214 

MNC: 03 

Authentication type: PAP 

APN type: default 

Remember that: In some phone models, the type of APN has options to select. In this case, select the "Internet" option. On phones unlocked by an operator you may not be able to save this APN. Only change the MNC value to 07 if it is unlocked by Movistar and 01 if it is unlocked by Vodafone. Moreover, if sharing the internet is not working with this configuration, change the type of APN to default,dun. 

Important: if your mobile phone is a Xiaomi with a MIUI9 operating system, in the menu of your phone, go to SETTINGS/MOBILE NETWORKS/ORANGE/ACCESS POINT NAMES. Go to ORANGE MOBILE INTERNET and for OMV TYPE choose IMSI. Finally, tap MORE and SAVE. 

  • How can I change my SIM card PIN? 

From the call option on your mobile phone, mark the following code: 


  • If I don't remember my SIM PIN, how do I set a new one? 

If you don't remember your SIM PIN code, you need to know at least the PUK code of your SIM to change it. Once the PUK code has been found, you will have to enter the following sequence from your mobile phone's call option: 


  • If you don't remember the PUK code, go to How do I get my PUK code?
  • If you have blocked your PIN code, go to How do I get my PUK code? 
  • How do I get my PUK code? 

If you need the PUK code, it's because you have blocked your SIM's PIN code. Don't worry, here's how you can get the PUK code and change your PIN. 

On the SIM box: 

On the plastic case on which you received your SIM card. This is the 8-digit number on the right of the PIN.

By calling 1470 

You can call from another Orange mobile line, which is not blocked, or call 656001470 from another operator's line, and follow these steps: 

The automatic voice will ask you which number you want to make your enquiry about: Enter the phone number of the mobile line on which you want to view the PUK. 

Now, the voice will ask you for the subject of your inquiry, say clearly "View PUK." 

At this point, the voice will ask you to state the identification document number of the owner of the number. 

If it is valid, the voice will provide you with the 8 digits of the PUK. You can hear it again if you wish, and if you call from a cell phone, you will receive an SMS with the PUK on the phone you are calling from. 

In the Mi Orange APP 

 If your SIM card is blocked, you will be able to access the Mi Orange App with your phone using a Wi-Fi connection, and you will also be able to use the Mi Orange App from another mobile phone, by logging in with your username and password in the Customer Area. Follow these steps to locate your PUK code: 

On the main screen, select the My Number icon, where the name of your tariff appears. A new screen will open, where you will find the PUK code at the bottom.  

  • How do I enter the PUK code to unlock my SIM? 

Once you have the PUK, type it in the call menu of the mobile phone with the SIM blocked: 

If a message is displayed on the mobile phone screen asking for the PUK, enter the code and follow the steps indicated. 

If no message appears, you must enter the following sequence:


Remember that: The new PIN must always be different from the previous one. If it is the same, unlocking by PUK will not work. In addition, if you enter the PUK code incorrectly 10 times in a row, the SIM card will be blocked permanently and will need to be replaced with a new one. 

  • What do I do if my phone is stolen or lost?  

Block the number  

If your phone is lost or has been stolen, it is very important that you block your number as soon as possible so that nobody can use it. Once the number has been blocked, no one can make or receive calls, or send SMS, or any other type of activity from your number, so no usage is generated 

We'll explain how to using several ways: 

In the Mi Orange APP 

By calling 1470: 

You can call 1470 from another Orange mobile number, or call 656001470 from another operator's line 

The automatic voice will ask you which number you want to make your enquiry about: enter the phone number of the mobile line on which you want to view the PUK. 

Now, the voice will ask you for the subject of your inquiry, say clearly "Block number." 

The call will be answered to by an agent, who will help you through the process 

Get a duplicate SIM 

You need a duplicate SIM card to continue using your number. Visit your nearest Orange store, check our store locator. And if you do not have a store nearby, call 1470. 

Don't forget: 

Getting a duplicate SIM card has a €5 handling fee (including VAT). 

Your new card will be activated in store once you have shown your ID. If your ID has been stolen, lost or has expired, you can show your passport to identify yourself. In our Orange stores, your number will also be unblocked if you have blocked it so that it cannot be used after the loss or theft 

Important: If you have found the phone, you do not need to duplicate the SIM. Just unblock the number if you have blocked it. 

  • Everything you need to know about voicemail  

You have a free vociemail service that you can check whenever you want with a single call to 242. The mailbox is activated by default when you register and you can deactivate it free of charge.  

  • What should I do the first time I call 242?

We will ask you to select the language of your mailbox and record your personalized greeting. People who call you are more likely to leave you with a message if they recognize your voice in the personalised greeting. You can record or change your greeting later by selecting option 2 from the main menu (change greeting) and then option 1 (personalized greeting). 

You can also change the language of the menu and the access password later. To do this, call 242 free and press 3 (set up mailbox). 

If you are a new user, you will receive a free SMS with your access password (only needed to access the mailbox from another phone or from abroad). 

It is a good idea to set a simple password that is easy for you to remember, but it is difficult for others to guess. Remember that the password must have between 4 and 7 digits, and it cannot contain the same number (1111) or numerical sequences (1234). You can also change it as many times as you need to. You can change this password at any time by calling 242, selecting option 3 (set up mailbox) and then option 1 (change password). 

  • How do I listen to voicemail messages on my Orange mobile phone? 

Call 242 free of charge from your number; even though the call is free, you need to have balance to make it.  

  • If I am abroad or calling from another mobile phone, how do I contact 242?

If you call the mailbox from another cell phone, the number you must dial is 656242242, and if you are calling from abroad, you must call + 34656242242. If you are abroad, calling your voicemail is at the cost of a call to Spain from the country where you are. Remember that as of 15 July, all Orange customers can use their tariff benefits both in Spain and in countries in the European Economic Area.

You will have to enter the phone number from which you want to listen to the messages, and you will then be asked to enter your password to your voicemail followed by the hash key (#). 

Remember that before you can listen to your voicemail messages from another phone, you must first access it from your own Orange mobile line by dialling 242, so that we can send you your access password by SMS. 

If you have forgotten or lost your password, call 1470 (1471 for businesses) to get a new password. 

  • How do I change my personalized greeting and the language of my mailbox?

You can change your greeting by calling 242: select option 2 from the menu (change greeting) and then option 1 (personalized greeting). 

You can change the mailbox language by calling 242: select option 3 (set up mailbox) and then option 4 (change language). 

  • How disable voicemail on my Orange mobile phone?

Dial ##002##and press the call key.##002##

  • How to activate the eSIM card on my smartphone 

To activate the eSIM card on your smartphone, you must have the QR activation code that we have provided you with and alternative internet connectivity (Wi-Fi or cell phone). 

  • Which smartphone models are approved in the Orange network?

Click here to find out more.

  • Steps to follow on iPhone 

Go to Settings 

Tap Mobile Data 

Tap Add mobile data plan 

Use the camera to scan the QR 

Enter the PIN provided next to the QR 

Don't forget: If you already have another plan in a physical SIM, you will have to configure Dual SIM by choosing the default plan for calls and data. 

Click here to download the iPhone guide.

Click here to download the Motorola Razr guide.

  • How do I transfer my personal number to the eSIM?

Orange customers can request a replacement of their SIM for an online eSIM in Mi Orange, an Orange Store or Customer Service. 

  • Who can request this SIM to eSIM migration? 

Any contract or card customer who are either individuals, self-employed workers and small businesses 

  • How much does it cost? 

This replacement has a one-off fee of €5 (indirect taxes included), which is paid in the monthly bill. 

If the eSIM is requested as part of a new registration or portability, there is no cost. 

  • On what line is the data consumed? 

El iPhone puede establecer una sesión de datos desde cualquiera de las líneas, simplemente hay que configurar en Ajustes-&gt;&gt;Datos móviles la configuración por defecto y se puede cambiar en cualquier momento. 

Cuando se recibe una llamada en la línea configurada por defecto, se interrumpen los datos pero se puede configurar para para que pase a la otra línea (En Ajustes-&gt;&gt;Datos Móviles-&gt;&gt;Datos Móviles, en la opción de Cambio a datos móviles). Orange recommends disabling this option if you want to avoid unexpected roaming costs when travelling. 

  • From which line are calls made? 

Las llamadas se hacen desde la línea configurada por defecto en Ajustes -&gt;&gt;Datos móviles, en la opción voz por omisión. However, when a call is made before dialling, the line from which the call will come can change. The line to be used for each contact can also be adjusted. 

  • Can I receive SMS from the 2 lines? 

Yes, you can receive SMS on each of the lines. Por defecto los SMS se emiten desde la línea configurada por defecto en Ajuste-&gt;&gt;Datos móviles en la opción voz por omisión. The line to be used for each contact can also be adjusted. 

  • Can I set the default line for each contact?

Initially, all contacts are assigned to the line that is configured by default for calls. You can then change the settings contact to contact, to use a default line or to use the same line as the last call. 

  • Can I have several numbers on the eSIM? 

Yes, several eSIM cards from several operators can be stored in the eSIM. However, only one can be active, so Dual SIM will always work with a physical SIM and one of the eSIM cards stored. 

  • How do I change my eSIM card if I have several stored?

Entra en Ajustes-&gt;&gt;Datos Móviles, clica en el plan que quieras activar y marca “Activar esta línea”. This action means disabling the eSIM line that was previously active and is practically instant. 

  • Will I notice any difference if I change my SIM for an eSIM? 

No, the same number, the same tariff and all the services you had in the SIM will be kept. 
The physical SIM card is cancelled and replaced by the eSIM. 
The only exception is Mobile Connect for access to Mi Orange without a password that is initially unavailable. 

  • What do I do if I have to repair my iPhone? 

eSIM cards are not reinstallable, so if you have to send your iPhone off for repair, first remove and save your SIM, delete the data plan from the eSIM cards and send off your iPhone. When you're picking up the repaired iPhone at the Orange store, don't forget to ask for a duplicate of your eSIM card. You'll need to scan the QR code that we provide you (see how I activate the eSIM on my iPhone). 

  • Can I use iMessage and Facetime on both lines? 

No, it is only possible on one line, by default on the line that is set in the initial configuration, although it can be changed from Messages.

  • Can I go back to the traditional SIM? 

Yes, to do this you have to ask for a SIM to replace the eSIM in an Orange store. 

  • Can I delete my eSIM card? 

Sí, se puede borrar en Ajustes-&gt;&gt;Datos Móviles, seleccionado un plan y después pulsando “Eliminar el plan de datos móviles” y confirmando. However, this does not cancel the line or change the tariff that will continue to be billed. To cancel the line, please call Orange Customer Service. 

You can download this information in English here.

How is data spent?

  • Music and videos

The popularisation of streaming music and video content on our mobile phones has given rise to a spectacular increase in internet connection speeds brought by the 3G and 4G networks. We love watching videos on YouTube or listen to music via Spotify or Amazon Music from your smartphone. But be careful: streaming music and video is the hungriest user of your mobile data pass.

To give you an idea, this is the average cost of the most popular streaming content:

  • YouTube video: 1 minute in average quality (not HD) consumes around 6 MB, while in Full HD it can reach 34 MB.
  • Spotify or Amazon Music song: 3 minutes in basic 96kbps quality consumes about 2 MB and can reach up to 7 MB in high 320kbps quality.
  • Netflix: 1 hour of video in low quality consumes around 300 MB, while the same content in Full HD would reach 3 GB.

Remember: download the content from a Wi-Fi connection whenever possible, to play it outside your home without spending any of your mobile data pass.


  • Browse a website

Browsing the internet from your Smartphone or Tablet connected to a 3G/4G network is another activity that consumes the most data from your mobile tariff. It is because not all websites are optimized for mobile browsing, and also because of the advertising that many of the pages include, which is a great data eater.

When using Google Chrome for Smartphones, you have the option to activate the "Data Economizer", a feature in which most of your web browsing goes through Google servers before downloading to your device. Google servers compress data and save your data pass. This option is not available for secure https pages.

To activate it, open the Chrome browser on your phone, and in "Settings" under "Advanced Options" click on "Data saving", and finally slide the "Activate" button to the right. On this same screen, a statistic will be generated informing you of the volume of data you have saved to date.

  • Social media

Many of us spend the day looking at the phone to check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Push notifications (when you are instantly notified that someone retweets you, comments on your Facebook status, or any other change to any of your profiles) are partly responsible for this, as, even if you are not aware, they are permanently exchanging information with the server to keep you up to date.

In addition, the consumption of data increases rapidly if the platforms we are talking about have a lot of multimedia content (images, videos, audios, etc.).

For you to get an idea, and although the final usage will depend on many other factors, such as the speed of your connection, or your smartphone, the use you can make on social media of 1 MB of mobile data is approximately the following:

  • Share 3 photos on Instagram.
  • Publish 5 post on Facebook (without photo) / 1 post with photo.
  • Send 17 tweets (without photo) / 4 with photo.
  • Or, check (scroll) your Facebook account for 1 minute or Instagram for 2 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, on Pinterest, browsing with your smartphone for 1 minute can consume up to 3.5 MB.
  • Maps and GPS

The usage of mobile data in Google Maps is caused by downloading maps based on where we are travelling, an aspect that we can avoid by downloading maps of our area before leaving home, through our Wi-Fi connection... In addition, for some time now, we can also prevent traffic alerts being downloaded to save more data if possible thanks to the "Wi-Fi Only" mode. Before that, download your local map when you are connected to Wi-Fi with your mobile phone,

To activate this mode, when connecting to a Wi-Fi network with your mobile phone, select "Offline zones" from the main Google Maps menu.

Then tap "SELECT YOUR OWN AREA" and on the next screen, enter your city's name in the address search engine, although you can then extend the area manually to download a larger map. Finally, click on "DOWNLOAD."

You can also set up more options for your downloaded maps, as well as update them, and enable/disable the "Wi-Fi Only" option from the "Settings" menu of the app.

Save mobile data and don't waste your data

Although our tariffs are getting more and more generous for data, we don't want you to spend it on unnecessary things, so pay attention and learn these tricks.

Set excessive usage alerts

This lets your phone advise you of certain usage.

For Android

  • Go to Settings.
  • We are looking for the "Data use" option.
  • Then, we will be shown an option with the name "Limit data use" (or "Limit mobile data"). Activate this option and, in the chart below, set a limit for monthly data usage.
  • If your cell phone does not have this option by default, you can search through the many free applications.

For iPhone

 Apple does not have this default setting on its mobile phones, but you can also download any of the free apps offered by the APP Store. 

Update apps via Wi-Fi

On Android

Go to the Google Play app store on your mobile phone, and in "Settings-Automatically update," select "Automatically update apps only via Wi-Fi." This way, the apps you have installed will receive a new version when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, and you won't consume more of your mobile data pass

In iOS

Go to "Settings - iTunes Store and App Store" and uncheck the box "Use mobile data." This way, the apps you have installed will receive a new version only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, and you won't consume more of your mobile data pass

On Windows Phone

Click on "Store" from the Start screen of your Windows Phone terminal to access the Windows Store and go to "Settings - Application Updates." Once there, check that the option "Automatically update my applications" is set to "No." This way, the apps you have installed will receive a new version only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, and you won't consume more of your mobile data pass.

Preload streaming on Spotify and YouTube

Streaming music and video is the hungriest user of your mobile data pass. These are very complex files and require high usage of data. But the great streaming services know it and offer you an alternative: Play offline. Spotify allows users to download playlists and listen to them offline. YouTube also has the "Watch later" function, which does exactly the same. Make the most of your Wi-Fi connection to create your offline playlists and then access them without consuming your data pass.

Applications in the background, on Android phones:

The use of data in the background means that you have installed applications that, even if you are not using them or even have them open, are consuming your tariff data. There are several apps that usually send and receive data without the users being aware of it. Fortunately, in the latest versions of Android, users of Google's mobile system can know exactly which apps are consuming more data from our pass. In the menu of our mobile phone, go to "Settings - Data use," to check the volume of data consumed by the "hungriest" apps.

At this point, just click on a specific app from the list on the screen. We are then presented with a pie chart and two values: foreground and background. The first value corresponds to the data consumed by the app in question when we are actively using it, while the second value indicates the data spent by the app when we are not using it.

If you see that a particular application consumes a lot of data "in the background," you just need to tick the "Restrict reference data" option. This way, the app will not use the mobile network to download status updates.

Downloading files with Wi-Fi only

On Android and Windows Phone

Unless it is really urgent or essential, do not download photos, audios, videos or heavy files on your device when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network. Take advantage of the times when you have a connection to download them.

In iOS

  • On iPhone or iPad you can limit the synchronisation of email and applications from Settings, Mail contacts and calendar.
  • When you enter this option, it shows you all your email accounts and accounts that are automatically updated as iCloud.
  • If you tap on each of them, you can select which data will be synchronised and in which time interval.

 Adjust account synchronisation

Google accounts

Google's automatic synchronisation makes all your accounts permanently updated and includes any changes at the same time as they occur. This option can be very useful (it allows us to know instantly if we have received an email, if someone has commented on our Facebook status, etc.) but at the cost of a large amount of data (and also battery).

To offer this service, your device is constantly making pings (calling the server to tell it if there is something new, something to update) and is therefore constantly downloading data to your cell phone or uploading it to the server.

These synchronizations are configured by default on all Android devices for all applications and functions, including photographs, news on Google Play, etc. And, as you can imagine, you don't need this constant synchronization for all of them.

You can save your tariff's data by disabling the synchronisation of those functions and applications that you do not need that are permanently checking the latest news.

To do this, just go to "Settings - Accounts - Google" and select an account. Once there, you can deactivate the synchronisation of the applications or functions you choose. Don't forget: You must repeat the process in all the accounts you have set up.

Then you can run the updates manually and whenever you want, by accessing each application.

Apple accounts

On iPhone or iPad you can limit the synchronisation of email and applications from Settings, Mail contacts and calendar. When you enter this option, it shows you all your email accounts and accounts that are automatically updated as iCloud. If you tap on each of them, you can select which data will be synchronised and in which time interval.

Windows accounts

Go to the "App list" and click on the email account whose sync settings you want to modify. Selecciona "más &gt; configuración &gt; configuración de sincronización" y en la opción "Descargar contenido nuevo" o "descargar correo nuevo" (el nombre varía en algunas cuentas) elige "manualmente".

Disable synchronisation temporarily

Another option to prevent the synchronisation from consuming all your data is to temporarily disable it. For example, if you are at the cinema, driving or at a meeting. You will not be permanently checking if you have received a new email so you can easily deactivate the synchronisation and reactivate it when you arrive at your destination, when the movie ends or when you leave the meeting.

Go to "Settings-Data Use-Menu-Automatic Synchronisation" and activate or deactivate the synchronisation according to your needs.

One last tip: it's very tempting to download more apps than you really need. Many of them keep eating up your data, even if you don't use them, as we have explained above.

Use your common sense and consider if you really want to keep saving all the apps you used just for a couple of days on your smartphone. Uninstall those you no longer use and your data bonus will last longer, while your smartphone will recover available memory.

Things you should not do on your cell phone

 Do not update applications

If you think your smartphone will slow down every time you update an application, forget about it. In fact, whenever your mobile phone asks you to update apps, you should do so as not only do the versions improve, but sometimes they update errors from previous versions.

 Do not use screen lock

Not setting a security code or a blocking pattern can cost you very dearly. There are many advantages. In the event of theft or loss, this will help to make sure that the person who has your mobile phone does not use it or access personal files. Once lost, you can block the phone or try to locate it

Do not make back-ups

All stored files, photos and data may disappear forever if you lose your mobile phone or it breaks down. This makes it almost essential to keep your files stored on a computer or on other devices today

Store all data in the cloud

Just as keeping all our files on a single mobile can be dangerous, storing all data in a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive can end badly. Although not normal, these platforms could be hacked. Remember to use applications to increase security and make back-ups on physical media

Allow your cell phone to run down completely

Never let your cell phone run down completely and therefore turn off due to a lack of battery. Top it up always, and as a general rule before the battery level drops to less than 15% charge. This simple gesture will allow you to extend the battery life, and will guarantee optimum autonomy.

Never turning it off

It is advisable to turn off the equipment periodically, to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of components when we are not using it. Turn your cell phone off regularly: for example, you can take advantage of your sleep hours to do so, even while you leave it to charge, as your mobile phone will charge faster while it is off.

Have WiFi and Bluetooth enabled all the time

If you're not using WiFi and Bluetooth, it's a waste of battery power. The best thing is to activate it only when we need it. Currently, almost all mobile operating systems have the option to activate the WiFi only when the device is in use.

Not protecting the screen

It is somewhat popular lately not to use wear covers on phones, to leave the aesthetics of the mobile phone in sight. It is recommended to at least consider protecting the screen with protective films that offer protection against scratches, splashes, and even breakage

Leave compromised photos in the gallery

At some point we all receive a compromised photo in WhatsApp that automatically becomes part of our gallery. So that they don't come up at an unfortunate time, you can change the application settings so that they don't automatically become part of your gallery.

Not saving your IMEI

The IMEI code is unique for each device, and when there is no other alternative, the operator will be able to access the device and block it remotely. Even if we do not recover the device, at least we will know that no one will have access to our personal files.
It is therefore advisable to save it. This code appears in the device box, although if we do not keep it, we can get around it by entering the following in the dialogue box: *#06#. The code that will appear on the screen is the IMEI. We recommend that you write it down and save it.

To call abroad from Spain, follow these steps:

  1. Mark the + sign or the code 00 (on most phones if you leave the 0 button, the + sign appears).
  2. Add the country code you want to call.
  3. Enter the phone number you want to call.
  4. Press the call start key.

Example: How to call a German phone number from Spain:

00 + 49 (German prefix) + number you want to call + call start key

Please note that: 

  • If you are calling a Español mobile phone, even if it is currently abroad, you don't have to dial any prefixes! You just need to dial the 9 numbers of the destination mobile phone (6XXXXXXXX), regardless of its location.

Important: Differences between national and international calls and roaming:

  • National call: It is a call made from a Español mobile phone located in Spain to another Español mobile phone.
  • International calls are calls made from Spain to numbers from foreign countries.
  • Roaming: This takes place when we travel to another country and use our Español mobile phone to talk or browse.

For more information, see What is roaming and how is it different from international calls?